9 Ways to Keep Your Carpets Smelling Fresh

Carpets absorb many types of dirt and bacteria in them but with proper and regular cleaning owners may get rid of this and keep their carpets clean forever. If your carpets smell very bad it may create a very bad impression of you in front of others or your guests. A smell on the carpet could be very annoying and may create any disturbance in the environment of your house.

A dirty carpet not only makes the carpet smell but also is a source of many types of allergies and diseases which cause harm to you and your health.

Here are 9 Ways You Can Keep Your Carpet Smelling Fresh and Good.

Regularly Vacuuming Your Carpet

If you vacuum your carpet regularly or after a very specific period you may not only clean the dirt or the dust which is put away inside the carpet but may also keep your carpet smelling good. The dirt or the bacteria which is present in the carpet causes the smell of the dirty carpet but if it is not present in it it may not cause any smell.

Avoid Contact of Shoes with The Carpet

Shoes bring dirt and bacteria from the outside to the inside of the house. These bacteria and dirt get stored inside the carpet. They may cause many types of smells and diseases to your carpet.

Good Ventilation in Your House

Carpets not only absorb the dirt and bacteria from the surroundings of the house. They absorb the other smells which are present in the house. So if your house is very closed or smelling then the carpet may also become smelling carpet.  This may not only help your carpet to be smell free but also help your house to be ventilated.

Instant Treatment of Spills

 If you want to keep Your carpet stain free then you need to perform regular inspections. This will help to avoid unnecessary or unnoticed spills. These untreated spills may cause a smell after decomposing.


If you want to keep your carpet smelling good you may even apply deodorants that are available on the market. But every product is not effective on every type of fiber. You may start using baking soda as a product to keep your carpet smell fresh and good.

Deep Clean New Carpet

After every few times, you must deep clean your carpet or even send it to professional carpet cleaning services in Chatswood just to maintain the good quality of the carpet and keep your carpet smelling good. Apply steam cleaning treatment to get your carpet clean deeply.

Avoid Activities that Cause A Smell

Smoking inside your home could also cause damage to your carpet. The fragrance of the cigarette may soak up the carpet and make your carpet smell.

Start Using A Rug

If you shield your carpet with rugs this may minimize the damage as well as smell to your carpet. In this way, the bacteria may not directly enter your carpet but it may get ended by the rugs.

Professional Services

Professional services are the experts and give you effective results in keeping your carpet dirt free as well as making sure that it smells good. They deep clean your carpet with a safe cleaning technique.